Don’t Look Back in Anger

So nice, so very very niceSince Christmas falls on Thursday this year, this week’s NOW hits the stands early — and with it, my list of the ten best movies of 2008. (Barrett’s and Susan’s lists are in there as well, but obviously mine is the most awesome.)

Some more pre-holiday business: If you’re near a radio (or a computer) at 1 pm this afternoon, dial up 590AM (or click on the “Listen Live” tab at The Fan’s website) to catch me on my brother’s radio show. I have no idea what we’ll be talking about. Latkes, maybe.

Oh, and for all of you who were worrying that Blu-ray player prices weren’t coming down fast enough, check out these Boxing Day deals: Best Buy will be selling its house-brand Insignia player for $99.99 come 8 pm. Which means you’ll probably be able to pick up a Samsung or a Sharp for about $200. I’d recommend doing that, by the way; the Insignia is profile 1.1, which means no picture-in-picture commentaries or BD-Live functionality.

Of course, if you really love yourself, you’ll get a PlayStation 3. Spirit of the season and all.