Designated Drivers

It’s been a week, hasn’t it? Let’s get back to the thing where I just review movies.

Crawl: Ooh, an old-fashioned creature feature!

Maiden: Sports doc celebrates all-female sailors. [Rad]

Melody Makers, Should’ve Been There: Old dudes, glory days, kinda boring.

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love: A (broken) romance for the ages. [Jose]

Stuber: Familiar, but in a fun way.

Unplanned: A woman walks into Planned Parenthood …

… and if you’re not tired of hearing me talk about Unplanned and the manufactured controversy around its Canadian release, check out today’s episode of The Big Story podcast, where Jordan and I delve into the history of disingenuous marketing, and why people who should know better keep falling for it.

You’ll also hear my quick take on the Lion King remake (which, ugh) and the announcement that my very own show, Someone Else’s Movie, has joined The Big Story on the Frequency podcast network as of this very day! Isn’t that cool?

I mean, I think it’s cool. Hopefully you will too.

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