Day of the Woman

lucy-sci-fi-movie-images-trailer-scarlett-johansson1So Luc Besson’s Lucy enjoyed a massive $44 million opening weekend, as if anyone needed any confirmation that “Scarlett Johansson action movie” is the sort of thing people want to see.

As I said yesterday, Marvel’s Kevin Feige should have grabbed the nearest mic at Comic-Con and announced a Black Widow movie the moment these numbers came out. Not a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie, mind you; no one needs that.

But the idea that Marvel isn’t already developing a Black Widow solo joint is kind of ludicrous in itself; imagine a James Bond movie with an actual superhero, and now imagine that superhero played by Scarlett Johansson. It practically writes itself.

Elsewhere, Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules fizzled at second place with $29 million while Dawn of the Planet of the Apes slid to third with $16.4 million after two weeks at the top. Ain’t no thing.

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  1. Can’t Hawkeye at least be a supporting hero in the Black Widow movie? Standing on the right side of the poster, middle-distance, over-the-shoulder sullen gaze, butt sticking out?

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