Conversations with God

Saltzman Almighty!So I talked to Morgan Freeman a couple of weeks ago; you can read the results in the new issue of NOW. Or you can go to the online version and listen to the audio clips at the bottom of the page to get the full experience — the man really does have a voice like warm honey.

Freeman was doing a round of press for Paul Saltzman’s documentary “Prom Night in Mississippi”, which opens in Toronto tomorrow. Freeman will also be in Toronto tomorrow night, introducing the movie at a benefit screening … which, I’ve just learned, has sold out. But the movie’s still worth seeing; check your local listings, as they say.

In other, entirely unrelated news, Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” has been cancelled. But it hasn’t been struck dead so much as taken off life support, with Fox pledging to air the rest of the season over the dead zone of December and January.

Poor Whedon. The man just can’t catch a break. But now I have something else to bring up when I talk to Patton Oswalt later this month …

7 thoughts on “Conversations with God”

  1. I didn’t get into Dollhouse but after what Fox did to Firefly, I can’t help but wonder what the hell Whedon was doing trying again to launch a show on that benighted network. When will he realize that cable is the place for him?

  2. I’m still not counting on Fox to actually air the remaining episodes. They’ve made similar promises in the past and reneged (Drive comes to mind).

    @Schlomo, I’m sure that Fox pays better than cable. 🙂

  3. Didn’t Whedon commit to the show (really a Dushku project) before Dr. Horrible went big? I’ve always had the sense he was waiting for this thing to die honourably so he could move on to something he controlled completely?

  4. I wonder whether the rest of the season is already scripted and/or shot. If not, I hope Whedon finds a way to wrap it all up. Though he sort of already did that with last season’s finale.

  5. And Joss really does do great commentary! The one he did for the final episode of Firefly should be required listening for any show runner.

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