Come On Down To Hot Docs Town

Bl7pzK1CQAACbufFinally, being a ferocious Dan Harmon fanboy pays off — I got to put him on the cover of NOW’s Hot Docs issue this week, which meant having a fantastic conversation with him.

Some of that conversation appears in this week’s cover story, in which I quote both Harmon and director Neil Berkeley at length — but if you’re as fascinated by Harmon’s creative choices as I am, you’re gonna want to check out the audio clips that follow said story, which offer a good 12 or 13 minutes of unfiltered, honest observations from the man himself. He’s kind of a monologuer.

My review of Harmontown is tucked in among the fifty-odd reviews on NOW’s Hot Docs minisite. Go on, gorge yourself.

Oh, and I also talked to Tom Hiddleston about playing a vampire for Jim Jarmusch in Only Lovers Left Alive. There’s a fun audio clip with that one, too.

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