America On The March

transcendence-rebecca-hall-paul-bettanyCaptain America: The Winter Soldier continues to top the charts, thanks to what I can only assume is its combination of rah-rah patriotism and damn fine craftsmanship. Or maybe it’s just the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing, powering each post-Avengers release to surpass its character’s previous grosses.

At any rate, The Winter Soldier grossed $26.6 million this weekend, cracking 200 million domestically and putting the Russo brothers’ triumphant sequel on track to break $600 million worldwide in the next few days.

Rio 2 held onto second place for another week with $22 million while Transcendence, which was expected to open at the top of the charts, faltered into fourth place with a truly unimpressive $11.2 million. (Third place went to the Christian docudrama Heaven Is For Real, which made the most of its Easter weekend opening frame with a $21.5 million purse.)

Oh, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did pretty well for itself in international release, grossing $47 million in fourteen overseas markets. Kind of crazy that it’s opened in the UK and Australia two weeks ahead of its North American release, but I guess it worked out okay.

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