But Is He, Really?

alice-cooperTonight’s big deal at Hot Docs is the Canadian premiere of Super Duper Alice Cooper, the new movie from Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen, better known as Banger Films. (They’re the guys who made that Rush documentary a few years back, remember?)

It’s a big deal because the screening and the subsequent Q&A will be broadcast across the country at participating Cineplex theatres, and because the presence of co-director Reginald Harkema should make for an interesting evening: Reg’s instincts run almost directly counter to the Banger guys’, and the fusion of their styles is the most interesting thing about the movie.

I mean, it is what it is. Which is neither super nor particularly duper, but a reasonably entertaining roll through a rock icon’s career. If you’re a fan of the man, you will definitely want to check it out, either tonight with a crowd or on VOD as of tomorrow. But as with all of the Banger projects, it’s ultimately more for the fans than for casual viewers, and I was left wishing they’d dug a little deeper.

In other news: The Other Woman, huh? Well, The First Wives Club was a smash in its day, so I guess we should have seen it coming.

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