Boldly Going

This week’s release slate offers a powerful emotional journey that takes place across the entire damn solar system … and another one set in the ass end of Ontario. Also there’s a fifth Rambo movie. You know the drill.

Ad AstraApocalypse Now in space. Pretty great.

Before You Know It: Adult sisters confront a family secret.  [Kevin]

Downton Abbey: A royal visit ends the show. [Glenn]

Honey Bee: Solid character study from Rama Rau.

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band: [Kelly]

Rambo: Last Blood: Who wanted this movie? Besides Stallone. 

Riot Girls: A world of teens. They fight.

Toxic Beauty: Your moisturizer is giving you cancer. [Sam]

Zeroville: James Franco waxes cinephiliac. It’s weird.

I also reviewed Between Two Ferns: The Movie, which dropped on Netflix overnight, because I am thorough and also a huge nerd.

Oh! And! If you’re in Toronto this Sunday, come down to Harbourfront for Word on the Street, where I’ll be moderating a panel on writing comedy for Canadian TV featuring the seriously talented trio of Aurora Brown, Jocelyn Geddie and Kris Siddiqi. 1 pm at the Concert Stage — you know, where I used to introduce the free flicks? And then drop by the NOW tent to say hi!

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