A Classical Thriller

Some personal news: Someone Else’s Movie hit #1 on the Apple Podcasts TV and Film charts yesterday. This is wild — and a little sobering, since it kinda confirms that the only way any show breaks out is when it has a powerful network behind it.

But on balance, I think it’s worth it, since now I can offer Lynn Coady‘s really fun episode on Wait Until Dark to a potentially massive audience.

Have you ever seen Wait Until Dark? It’s a really specific sort of mid-60s thriller, a painstakingly measured adaptation of a stage play with an all-star cast (in retrospect, at least) that feels both dated and timeless thanks to its soundstage locations and the clash of performance styles between Audrey Hepburn’s mid-Atlantic poise and Alan Arkin’s bebop line delivery. We get into all of that and more, and it’s a very enjoyable conversation.

So enjoy it! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher to get the episode instantly, or stream it on Spotify, or grab the show directly from the web. And listen with the lights off, just for the atmosphere.

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