(Blu)rring the Divide

Nirvana, est iciThis morning on The Auteurs, Glenn Kenny uses the British Blu-ray release of Godard’s “Une Femme Mariee” as the locus of a fascinating reverie of the various ways he’s watched that film — and by extension, all cinema — over three decades.

His conclusion is that Blu-ray rocks (which is the same conclusion I’ve reached over the last couple of years), and that the format also enables the appreciation and experience of cinema on a scale not previously possible in home theater.

I’d go so far as to argue that it may now be preferable to have one’s first viewing experience of a given film at home, watching a pristine BD projected in 1080p/24 on a reasonably large screen. This hypothetical situation would require the available 35mm prints of said film to be old and scratchy; we’re not talking about “2001” or “Lawrence of Arabia” here. But if it’s a tough film to find, and one that rarely screens in repertory … well, hell, my basement has a better sound system than the Bloor these days.

I mention this because my own DVD column this week will be devoted to “Revanche”, a film that most Canadians — and most Americans, for that matter — didn’t get the chance to see on the big screen at all, because the theatrical prospects for anything that isn’t “Valentine’s Day” or “Avatar” are growing ever more slender.

You might as well buy that new projector now, is all I’m saying.

2 thoughts on “(Blu)rring the Divide”

  1. I happen to be reviewing Contempt (Le Mepris) currently. The Blu-ray looks and sounds like complete garbage.

    Back when I was in film school, Godard was one of my gods. But having recently revisited Pierrot le fou and now Contempt… I don’t know anymore. Frankly, I think I’ve outgrown him. Neither film had the power over me that they once did. I found them both rather insufferable this time around, frankly.

  2. I always try to see a movie on the big screen first. I really don’t like watching films on TV if I can help it and I don’t think I will be getting Blu- Ray anytime soon; I’m really fine with ordinary DVDs.

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