It looks nothing like a rhinoceros, you knowThis is the bit I hate about colds — when you’re over the worst of it, but still not fully recovered.

I feel like I’m getting better in baby steps; a short walk around the neighborhood this morning to pick up some stuff has left me exhausted and bleary. It’s frustrating, is my point — a head cold just shouldn’t be this debilitating. (Unless it’s the dreaded H1N1, in which case I should be grateful I’m not worse off … but really, it’s probably just a cold.)

Fortunately, one of the aforementioned errands was a trip to Caplansky’s for a bowl of matzoball soup, and that ought to help. Once I’m back to full strength, I’ll probably stop hallucinating bizarre news items like David Cronenberg being hired to write a new version of “The Fly”. Because there’s just no way that’s real.