Basic Numerology

If you were wondering why I left The End of Time out of last Friday’s review roundup, well, that’s because it didn’t open until today — on the presumably weighty date of 12-12-12 . Not that the date means anything, since our calendar started from an arbitrary point and individual dates only have specific resonance because we choose to assign it to them. Anyway, Peter Mettler’s intriguing but problematic documentary opens today.

On a possibly more important note, this week’s MSN DVD column is my annual holiday gift guide — that’s right, more than a thousand words highlighting various boxed sets and rarities you might wish to give to someone in the coming weeks … or pick up for yourself, of course. Not totally ruling out that possibility.

One thought on “Basic Numerology”

  1. Heads up: The Bond 50 set on Blu & DVD are now OOP in Canada, just 2 months after their release. Explanation: the soft excuse is they didn’t print enough packaging material, which means either A) with the latest Bond film out in theatres, the Bond catalogue touring select cinemas North America, and a Bond exhibit to boot, someone fell asleep at the printing plant and forgot to hit the “More” button; B) once again MGM is playing the in-pirnt / outta-print game, frustrating consumers when the catalogue should stay in print in perpetuity. I blame Disney for establishing this absurd template.

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