Back Into It

James Bond, you say? Never heard of himYep, we’ve returned — loaded with chocolate biscuits, teabags, books and Region B Blu-ray discs, and, yes, one lonely little HD DVD that I grabbed more for the novelty than anything else. (It was only five pounds, and I kinda wouldn’t mind seeing that air-cycle chase again.)

And now that we’re back, regular life resumes, including the posting of a link to my latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column, which focuses on the contorted well-meaningness of Edward Zwick’s “Defiance” … because I’ve already said my piece about “Revolutionary Road“, dammit.

So that’s that. Did I miss anything?

3 thoughts on “Back Into It”

  1. You missed Bagless Monday, the debut of Toronto’s new no-more-plastic-bags policy where all stores must charge a minimum of 5 cents per reclyclable bag ($1 at Pusateri’s).

    Some people like it, some are offended by it, but the real fun begins when stores will be forbidden fron issuing biodegradable bags next June (2010) because the elements can’t be, uh, recycled. Seriously. It’s in the merchant FYI leaflets.

    – MZH

  2. @ Sara: Sadly, I did not even look for the Winchester; turns out Crouch End was a very long way away from the hotel, and it was 28 degrees out, so I mostly spent my time cooling by the south bank of the Thames and wandering around Shepherd’s Bush. I did have a couple of excellent meals at The Defector’s Weld, if you’re ever in the area: is their obnoxiously vague website.

    @ Mark: It’s a year away, I’m sure they’ll figure out a compromise. Or screw it up beyond repair, which is always a possibility …

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