And the Wanting Begins

Also, apparently, it's some sort of tele-phoneGuess what’s coming to Bell this summer?

I mean, I’m not sure if I want to buy it, but I’ve been kind of auguring in the direction of a new phone for the last few months, and this sure looks like a purty one.

I spent more than a decade as a Palm guy — from the Pilot to the Visor through several Treos — before switching to the HTC 6800 last fall, and I have to say, Palm’s usability and ergonomics are second to none. And unlike that other device, the Pre will be able to cut and paste text right out of the box, which is fairly important in my line of work.

The downside: The Pre comes with a brand-new OS that’s neither Palm nor Windows-based, which means none of the apps I’ve acquired will work on it, and there’ll be some inevitable configurationing trouble. Also, it’s a first-generation device, and we’ve learned that first-generation devices tend to be a little on the quirky side when it comes to mobile phones. (See above re “cut and paste”.)

But … so pretty! So smooth and rounded, but still with a full QWERTY keyboard! And Engadget really likes it! Want! Want!

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