Baby MINE!

That wasn't your water breaking, sweetieAt TIFF last year, Jason Anderson described the concept of “Inside” to me in six simple words: “Beatrice Dalle wants your unborn baby.”

“What does she want to do with it?” I asked, which seemed like a reasonable question.

“I’m not sure,” Jason said. “She might want to eat it.”

Having seen the film shortly after that conversation — and having loved it — I was dismayed to learn that, though the Weinstein Company had snapped up the North American rights, they would be sending it directly to DVD. (I now understand what Bob had in mind; he releases a new title every three or four weeks under the Dimension Extreme banner, and “Inside” is definitely a film that qualifies as “extreme”.)

Anyway, while the disc arrived in U.S. stores yesterday, it won’t be out in Canada until next month. So the fine folks at Rue Morgue magazine are taking advantage of that window to hold a theatrical screening tonight at the Bloor Cinema — which I’ve done my best to promote over at the NOW website.

If you’re downtown, not doing anything around 9:30 pm and want to spend 80 minutes or so clawing at your armrests in excruciating suspensey terror, check it out.

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