At Home By Myself, With You

The whole world is on lockdown, but I’m keeping busy: Writing streaming galleries for NOW including this overview of what’s on CBC Gem,¬†the latest installment of Shut-In Cinema and a review of the only new movie “opening” this weekend, Lorcan Finnegan’s high-concept thriller Vivarium.

But I’ve also been making another thing, which finally made it out into the world today: NOW’s brand-new podcast¬†NOW WHAT, a show about how individual Torontonians are coping with life in the age of COVID-19. We’ve had some minor issues with the RSS feed, but you can stream the first episode on Spotify or just listen right here if you can’t see it in Apple Podcasts or Stitcher. It’s good! You should listen!

And if you’re too busy to do that right now, don’t worry. You’ll have time.

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