… and Other Disasters

Ice Twisters: The Twisters of Ice!When I was in Cannes last year, gorging on world cinema and little pods of espresso, I made a point of wandering into the massive film market beneath the Palais des Festivals at least once a day. The bustling energy and plentiful candy recharged my weary soul, and there was always a new glossy one-page sell sheet for some preposterous cable project flapping around.

One title that became a running gag was “Ice Twisters”, a CineTel Films property that promised to combine the enviropocalypse of “The Day After Tomorrow” with the wall-to-wall thrills of “Twister” — but, you know, on a more affordable budget.

I brought the sell sheet home, to show friends the sillier side of Cannes — sure, the festival is a celebrity mecca and a celebration of indulgence, but it’s also a place where people can show up and try to sell ridiculous movies that don’t have a hope in hell of ever getting produced.

You know what happens next. “Ice Twisters” actually got made, and premiered on U.S. cable over the weekend — on the Syfy channel, home of knowingly ridiculous feature films — as counterprogramming to “2012”.

I’m hoping to go back to Cannes next year. Maybe I should drag out that old screenplay about the killer mutant poodles. Stranger things have happened, obviously.

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