And in the Real World …

It's just a runny nose, right? I get those all the time
Festival or no festival, the world keeps turning, and there’s plenty of regular stuff opening at the megaplex today. It’s just that I haven’t seen very much of it. To wit:

“Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star”: Nick Swardson, who I usually enjoy when he’s not working for or with Adam Sandler, stars in a comedy produced by Adam Sandler. No press screening. There’s a shocker.

“Contagion”: I love Steven Soderbergh; I tend to find his failures more interesting than most directors’ successes — and a multi-character pandemic drama sounds like something that would not be one of his failures. Yet I could not get to this for love or money, so I’ll have to catch up to it after TIFF. Nobody spoil it for me, okay?

“Creature”: Canadian monster movie. Nobody likes it. Can’t be arsed.

“Love in Space”: Chinese drama, apparently having little to do with space. Ah, well.

Nenette“: Finally, a film I’ve actually seen and enjoyed. You’d probably like it, too, so if you find yourself out by the Projection Booth this weekend, you should check it out.

“Warrior”: Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are both interesting young actors who look good with their shirts off; Gavin O’Connor’s movie lets them do that while beating each other to a pulp in the name of love, or something. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually.

There, that’s everything. Gotta get back to the festival. I’ll check in tomorrow with some TIFF stuff, I promise.

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  1. Can someone explain the true significance of the giant banana tree that the heroine searches for? She gets so close to finding the tree, only to to lose her direction when a stray parrot from the Brooklyn Zoo pelts her hastily drawn map with corrosive guano, leaving all of Humanity hanging in a hammock high above the perilous abyss of inter-cellular doom.

    Oopsala! Did I just spoil the film’s twist ending?

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