American Shadows

Busy? Who’s busy? I’m not, I’m great. Everything’s chugging along just fine. Why, what have you heard?

Aaaaanyway, here’s what’s opening this week.

The Aftermath: Post-war drama. Ever so dull.

Ash Is Purest White: Jia plays the hits. Everybody wins.

An Audience of Chairs: Not what you’re expecting. Trust me.

Genesis: Lesage’s study of restless youth bewitches.

The Highwaymen: Old dudes catch Bonnie and Clyde.

The Hummingbird Project: Two guys, a dream, some obstacles. (Also I’m doing a Q&A with writer-director Kim Nguyen after the 7 pm screening at the Varsity tonight, so if you needed a reason to come …)

The Mustang: Not what you’re expecting. Trust me.

The Quietude: Estranged sisters reunite, still have issues.

Us: Peele’s latest puts Shyamalan to shame.

Anyway, there you go back to work, everything’s swell, whee.

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