A Monster Hit!

Ride Along header… no, not I, Frankenstein, which opened in sixth place this weekend with a piddly $8.3 million despite its potentially lucrative 3D and IMAX 3D engagements. It sucked, people knew it, end of story. (If only the same people could realize this when it comes to movies with Underworld in the title.)

No, I’m talking about Ride Along, the Ice Cube-Kevin Hart buddy-cop comedy which pulled in $21.2 million to easily hold the top spot on the box-office charts in its second weekend — a substantial drop from last weekend’s record-setting $48.6 million opening, but still more than enough to stay ahead of second-place finisher Lone Survivor, which pulled $12.6 million from people who should also know better.

I wonder whether Sony is expecting Ride Along-scale returns on next month’s remake of About Last Night, which also features Hart. Hart’s certainly featuring heavily in the marketing, to the point that I’m convinced his character is shirtless for the whole picture. Give the people what they want, I guess.

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