A Momentary Break from Reality

I am only somewhat afraid of you, and I will attempt to beat your assThe world doesn’t care that I’m still wading through a pile of Hot Docs screeners — there are movies opening, dammit! And I have to see most of them, too!

Captain Abu Raed“: Remember the kinds of vaguely patronizing foreign-language films Harvey Weinstein used to acquire by the boatload every year? Amin Matalqa’s insistently heartwarming contrivance would fit right in.

Death at a Funeral“: Neil Labute directs Chris Rock in a speedy remake of Frank Oz’ 2007 British farce, co-starring Tracy Morgan, Danny Glover, Regina Hall, Zoe Saldana and James Marsden as Alan Tudyk. I don’t know which part of that sentence is the strangest. My review should be online any minute now. UPDATE: There it is!

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”: The European literary sensation — just ask its publicists! — comes to the screen in Niels Arden Oplev’s slick adaptation. Susan liked it; Adam, not so much. Not so much at all.

Kick-Ass“: With no power comes no responsibility … and a great deal of fun. Matthew Vaughn atones for the fairy-tale sludge of “Stardust” with this tremendously entertaining comic-book movie; trust me, you’ll never see McLovin the same way again.

“The Square”: Australia’s Edgerton brothers — actor-writer Joel and director Nash — venture into Coen territory with this tale of flawed people, bad decisions and worse luck. Rad gives it his blessing.

When You’re Strange“: Tom DiCillo’s disappointing Doors document — which popped up at Canadian Music Week last month — gets a one-week theatrical booking as a prelude to its DVD release later this summer. If you’re a Morrison acolyte, it’s worth a look, I guess.

Right, that’s everything. And now, back to my regularly scheduled programming …

2 thoughts on “A Momentary Break from Reality”

  1. Dragon Tattoo is excellent. While I’ll admit that the misogynistic villains are a bit over the top, the movie has a very engrossing mystery story and compelling lead characters. I find it amusing that, of the two reviews you linked to, the woman loved the movie and the man was offended by it.

    And thank you for admitting that Stardust was tedious. I get a lot of grief for daring to say anything negative about that one. Memories of De Niro’s lispy gay stereotype still give me shivers.

    Kick-Ass rocks, though. Loved it. 🙂

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