A Fine Place for the Fourth of July

And near-zero humidity! Thanks, climate change!… yeah, I’ve gone native. Who wouldn’t, when you can get kettle corn, baklava and Thai food on 6th Avenue?

Damn, but I love New York. Sure, Sarah Palin’s on the cover of every newspaper, but even that can’t harsh the buzz of a perfect summer weekend.

Fresh cherries from the Union Square greenmarket! Smaller crowds due to everyone going out of town for the Fourth! Dinner at a most wonderful Tribeca restaurant! Garbage and recycling bins that the city actually wants you to use!

Like the song says, it’s a hell of a town. Remind me again why I’m only visiting?

One thought on “A Fine Place for the Fourth of July”

  1. “Remind me again why I’m only visiting?”

    $2,750 a month rent for a single-bedroom apartment.

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