A Couple of Things

So apparently when I was putting together yesterday’s review roundup, I forgot to include “Starbuck”, a new Quebec comedy starring Patrick Huard as a middle-aged layabout who discovers his youthful sperm donations have resulted in 533 children. It was one of the runners-up for this year’s Peoples Choice Award at TIFF, but Rad is unmoved — and his response is more or less in line with some of the other critical feedback I heard around the festival. I shall wait for the DVD.

Oh, and a few other movies are playing this week at the Projection Booth on Gerrard East, just to make life difficult; one of them, “The Woodmans”, is worth the trip to Leslieville. I wrote about it here; you can find the showtimes on the left-hand side of the theatre’s hastily coded website.

Not that I’m one to point fingers at pokey web design. I’m still trying to figure out why the images I’m posting aren’t right-justified. I’m clicking the box and everything!

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