Ryan knew that sooner or later, he'd have to tell Taylor about his Creeping Forehead SyndromeI’m not getting older — I’m getting slower, achier and sleepier. But given the alternative, I’ll make do.

Anyway, it’s a Tuesday, so it’s time for a new MSN DVD column … this one considering the weird ethical shortcomings of “Something Borrowed” and “The Bang Bang Club”. Not that I’m endorsing either film, mind you …

4 thoughts on “43”

  1. English teachers and anglophiles everywhere are mentally slapping your wrist right now…Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre, not Jane Austen. No jaffa cakes for you!

    Re the movie itself, Jane Eyre is my favorite novel so I rushed out with my daughter to see this one in the theater. People who loved the book may want to lower expectations accordingly. Some very important things from the story are glossed over to make room for some unnecessary scenes, leading to rushed development later. (What, marry you and go to India, a country no one has bothered to mention yet at all? Let me think.) My daughter and I both thought it came across as a Cliff’s Notes version of the story. Mia Wasikowska was very well cast as Jane, though!

    And re Hoodwinked Too and Medium Raw – when is someone going to adapt Into the Woods for the big screen? It’s awesome!

  2. Balls! I know “Jane Eyre” is Bronte, not Austen — I blame this weird aphasia thing where I mix up the two authors. The only other time it happens is when I confuse January and July, but that only happens when I’m saying the months aloud. Bad wiring, I guess. Will fix ASAP; thanks for the catch!

  3. @Chris: Speaking as someone less versed in Bronte, the emotional relationships in the movie felt very condensed to me as well. I didn’t buy into the grand love story. The film is lovely to look at and has nice performances, though.

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