Yup, Still Sick

This flu simply will not let go. Two hours on my feet and I’m exhausted again. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I went down this hard.

But you know who isn’t sick? Liam Neeson. He’s unstoppable! I write a little about that in this week’s MSN DVD column, which was supposed to be about Taken 2 but went in another direction. Read it! It has substance maybe!

One thought on “Yup, Still Sick”

  1. I feel ya. Been sick here as well.

    One correction to your MSN column: Ron Fricke didn’t have anything to do with Anima Mundi. That was all Godfrey Reggio. You may be confusing that with the IMAX short Chronos, which was Fricke’s first solo effort as a director.

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