Your Weekend, Punked

Hot Docs is dominating the movie conversation in town, but there’s still plenty of other stuff opening. This is a Friday, after all.

Green Room: Jeremy Saulnier builds on the bleak, brutal Blue Ruin with a siege thriller that just won’t quit. And the last line is, as the kids say, punk as fuck.

Keanu: Key and Peele (who?) make a movie, and it’s funny and weird and has an adorable kitten in it. What more could anyone ask?

Louder than Bombs: Joachim Trier, director of Reprise and Oslo, August 31st, makes an admirable American debut with this family saga starring Jesse Eisenberg, Gabriel Byrne and Isabelle Huppert.

Mother’s Day: Garry Marshall. Can’t stop making holiday movies, won’t stop making holiday movies. Please, someone stop him. Rad’s review will be up later today. UPDATE: Oof.

Precious Cargo: Rad finds precious little to like in Bruce Willis’ latest made-for-VOD actioner, which also stars Bash from Franklin and Bash.

Ratchet & Clank: That video game you vaguely remember/grew up loving is now a CG animated movie! Wow! Rad’s review will be up later today.

Too Late: Dennis Hauck’s 35mm stunt will reacquaint you with the pleasures of reel-change markers — because each one means this boneheaded Tarantino knockoff is 20 minutes closer to ending.

Viva: Someday, Paddy Breathnach’s I Went Down will be rediscovered and Breathnach will get the chance to make great movies again. For now, he’s cranking out generic stuff like this, and it’s a waste of his talents.

And that’s everything. Just one short week until Avenger Fight, true believers …

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