“You’ll Relieve Yourself in Your Seat with a Savage Joy.”

Hang on, I need a minute… yeah, let’s see them put that on the poster.

Charlie Jane Anders reviews “Transformers: Rise of the Fallen” for io9. Perhaps the single best piece of film criticism you will read this year.

My review — nowhere near as good, but the one with my name on it — hasn’t gone up yet. (There seems to be something amiss with NOW’s site.) I’ll put up the link as soon as I can. UPDATE: Here it is!

4 thoughts on ““You’ll Relieve Yourself in Your Seat with a Savage Joy.””

  1. thanks for the tip on that Transformeres review. fantastic stuff!

    it’ll give me something to think/laugh about when my friends drag me to see it tomorrow.

    although i’m still doubtful that T:RotF can exceed Speed Racer’s misunderstood brilliance.

  2. But…but…I LIKE plot. And character…whatever happened to charac…reality dis so l vi n g. Crap.

    And as for great lines from this review…I don’t think Shia LaBoeuf will be putting “when he’s not babbling like a tumor removed from Woody Allen’s prostate that somehow achieved sentience” on his CV anytime soon.

  3. “…You proceeded to inject Gilliam with so many steroids his penis shrank to the size of a hair follicle, and you smushed a dozen tabs of LSD under his tongue. And then you gave him the GDP of a few sub-Saharan countries. Gilliam might have made a movie not unlike this one.”

    Indeed, brilliant writing.

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