You May Now Commence to Arguing

NOW Toronto Movies coverSo here it is: The new issue of NOW, all dolled up and pretty, running down the 25 best Toronto movies. It was a fun assignment, and I think you’ll enjoy the result.

This is one of those “Toronto plays itself” kinda deals, though we squeezed in a look at movies that use the city as another location.

For extra cultural color, I nabbed interviews with Don McKellar, Sarah Polley and Daniel Cockburn about Last NightTake This Waltz and You Are Here, respectively.

I await your condemnation.

One thought on “You May Now Commence to Arguing”

  1. Love the top choice, but I might have slipped Touch of Pink somewhere in the list (even though it’s split between London and Toronto) even if just for Kyle Maclachlan’s ghost-of-Cary-Grant line, “To-ron-to? To-ron-to isn’t a holiday destination!” Saw it in a theatre and there was a lot of self-deprecating laughter by Torontonians at that line.

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