You Can’t Hide from Reality

Oh, right, this guy's still around… well, I can’t, anyway. Hot Docs starts tonight, filling Toronto’s screens with all manner of reality programming for the next ten days. As is the case every year, there’s some great stuff to be found in the deluge of shorts and features; you’ll want to check out NOW’s ongoing coverage of the festival to separate the wheat from the chaff.

(Hey, has anyone made a documentary that looks at advances in green thresher technology? Somebody totally should.)

While I’m hacking my way through the ever-expanding pile of DVDs, you should take a look at Susan’s cover story about David York’s “Weibo’s War”. It’s an excellent look at a very complex and provocative situation, with a subject who’s as polarizing — and as charismatic — as they come. You’ll be hearing more about it, I’m quite sure.