Yes, There’s a Festival On

Wait just one more moment, darling, until the commoners are cleared away… and I’ve been remiss in posting links to the stuff I’m filing for the NOW website. Specifically, my interviews with Daniel Cockburn, director of the excellent experimental feature “You Are Here”, and Colin Firth, who is indeed as charming and elegant as any human being could be.

Hell, he was even willing to forgive me for that little incident with the door at the BFI. He claims not to remember it, though he did acknowledge that “the impact might have had sufficient force to cloud my memory.”

Yeah, you look up “dashing” in the dictionary, you pretty much get Colin Firth, don’t you? It works for him.

Incidentally, if you find yourself curious to see Cockburn’s film after you read the interview, you’ll find its festival showtimes here. If you can make one of the screenings, you really ought to; it’s a terrific piece of work, and the Q&As promise to be very engaging. I might even attend a couple of those myself.