Whose Ant-Man Is It, Anyway?

Ant-Man-Edgar-Wright-Hombre-Hormiga… well, it’s Marvel’s, of course: Marvel’s Ant-Man.  Says so right on the poster. But it also used to be Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, and now it’s Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man — or, to be more correct, Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd and Adam McKay’s  & Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish’s Ant-Man, from a story by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.

Look, everyone got paid and the movie got made, so I can’t be terribly upset about this. But I do think the state of the Marvel art has changed dramatically, to the point where terms like “an Edgar Wright movie” and “a Marvel movie” can no longer share the same conceptual space. I wrote about that for this week’s NOW.

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