Who’s the Man?

Right.So, yeah. I have the cover story of this week’s NOW, and it’s an interview with David Tennant — the artist formerly known as the Tenth Doctor, now a live-wire supporting player who handily steals the new “Fright Night” remake out from under Colin Farrell. Do read it. You’ll like him.

Elsewhere in the issue, you’ll find my latest interview with Daniel Cockburn, whose film “You Are Here” finally opens in Toronto tomorrow, nearly a year after its Canadian debut at TIFF 2010. (Here’s our previous conversation, which was part of NOW’s online TIFF coverage but never made it into the paper proper.)

I’ve been asked to moderate the post-screening Q&A tomorrow night after the 7:30pm screening at the Lightbox, so if you’ve been meaning to see “You Are Here” to discover what all the buzzing’s been about, why not catch that show? I mean, you can see “Fright Night” any other time over the weekend, really …

2 thoughts on “Who’s the Man?”

  1. I keep hoping they will release Tennant’s much earlier “Takin’ Over the Asylum” on DVD. We are loonies, and we are PROUD!

    (And you just substantially upped my interest in Fright Night. I already wanted to see it as a non-sparkly vampire movie.)

  2. Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t get to bring up — his fine work in “Glorious ’39”, which was at TIFF a couple of years ago, his voice role in “How to Train Your Dragon”, and so forth. But I only had 1100 words …

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