Who’s Laughing Now?

Joker is poised to enjoy an $80 million weekend, so let’s all do our best to remember that box-office is an indication of interest, rather than a film’s quality. Because Joker is … not a good movie.

Charlie and Hannah’s Grand Night Out: Absurdist comedy is charming, if slight.

First Love: Delirious gangster madness from Takashi Miike.

Human Nature: Gene editing will save us. Hopefully.

In the Tall Grass: Netflix creeper needs a big screen.

Joker: I already warned you about this.

The Laundromat: Soderbergh’s Panama Papers anthology goes wide.

Robbery: Scrappy thriller offers some pulpy pleasures.

Sometimes, Always, Never: Words heal a fractured English family.

Where’s My Roy Cohn?: Boy, Trump sure can pick ’em.

I also reviewed the new season of Big Mouth, which drops on Netflix tomorrow. Five more hours of dick jokes and musical numbers. It’s glorious.

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