When The Plague Comes, We’ll Deserve It

transformers-age-of-extinction-30825-400x250So Michael Bay’s Trans4merz enjoyed a $301.3 million worldwide opening, one-third of which came from its North American run.

Just take a moment and think about that, would you? An incomprehensible, grinding, endless sequel that everyone fucking agrees is the worst instalment of its franchise grossed one hundred million dollars per day this weekend.

By contrast, Edge of Tomorrow — a militaristic sci-fi actioner about humans and aliens that is radically different from Trans4merz by virtue of actually being intelligent and entertaining — came in seventh with $5.2 million for a North American total of $84.1 million. Edge of Tomorrow has been playing for a month.  Trans4merz has been playing for three days.

I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

One thought on “When The Plague Comes, We’ll Deserve It”

  1. I honestly think “Edge of Tomorrow” would have done better business if:

    a) It had a better title. “Edge of Tomorrow” sounds too tame and bland for what the movie is. Probably doesn’t help that “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “The Day After Tomorrow” sucked, putting NA audiences off the word “Tomorrow” altogether. (They’ve never seen “A Better Tomorrow”.) Sadly “The Forever War” was already taken…. they really should have just kept “All You Need is Kill”. It at least has character.

    b) It didn’t star Tom Cruise. People seemed really eager to declare that Tom Cruise had bombed, that Tom’s latest movie was a huge failure. Tom didn’t help himself with “Oblivion” or “Rock of Ages” of course. You might have thought those same people would enjoy watching Tom get killed over and over again, but apparently not. They likely think the movie is all rah-rah super-Tom mode (a la Mission Impossible).

    P.S. fuck Trans4merz.

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