Well Then

the-equalizer-denzel-washington-chloe-grace-moretzAntoine Fuqua’s The Equalizer, which is not a good movie per se but is kind of okay in a sleazy, sadistic sort of way, opened strong with $35 million this weekend.

This means either that people want to see Denzel Washington murder people in ugly ways, or that they’ll show up for pretty much any ’80s television property. Either way, we’ll be getting another one. I hope you’re happy.

In other news, The Maze Runner dropped to second place with $17.5 million — chased closedly by The Boxtrolls, which opened in third place with $17.2 million. This last bit is very encouraging, as The Boxtrolls looks like fun and I really liked Graham Annable when we hung out at TIFF Kids this past spring. Go see that, would you?

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