We Did It!

Has it really been a full year since the last NOW Holiday Movie Special? I feel like I’ve barely left my house!

… oh, right.

Anyway, the 2021 edition is on newsstands and online, with my Top Ten list, holiday movie guide and annual celebration of Local Heroes shoring up Rad’s excellent cover interview with documentarian Yasmine Mathurin.

But wait, there’s more! Like this week’s What to Watch page, of course, but also a special episode of NOW What featuring my interview with Nightmare Alley producer J. Miles Dale about how COVID nearly killed that production, as well as a conversation with writer-director Joanna Hogg, whose masterpiece of a movie The Souvenir, Part II sits at number one on that ten-best list I mentioned earlier. You can find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or streaming at the bottom of this page.

Not bad for a Friday post, huh? And also our Netflix lookahead for January 2022 is up. If you’re still thinking about the future. But really, who has the time.

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