We Are All Groot Now

GuardiansOfTheGalaxyGive it up for the weirdos, people.

Guardians of the Galaxy was back atop the box-office charts this weekend, squeezing past Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and If I Stay with $17.6 million to their $16.8 million and $16.4 million, respectively.

(Let’s Be Cops took fourth place with $11 million, which is still pretty freakin’ impressive for that picture.)

Guardians‘ total domestic earnings have topped $251 million, making it the biggest hit of the summer. (Suck it, Trans4merz!) According to BoxOfficeMojo, it’ll blow past Captain America: The Winter Soldier by the end of the week to be the biggest movie of the year.

Isn’t that great? A goofball space opera about a band of lovable misfits who team up to defeat evil defies expectations to become a crowd-pleasing smash? It’s Star Wars all over again!

Which is kind of the point. Way to go, Mr. Gunn.

Meanwhile, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For tanked, opening in eighth place with $6.5 million. It couldn’t even beat The Expendables 3 — one of this summer’s most visible flops — which came in seventh with $6.6 million.

It’s a shame, really. Rocket Raccoon would fit right in with the Basin City crowd.

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