Way To Run That Maze, Maze Runner

Screen-Shot-2014-03-23-at-7.00.49-PMThe Maze Runner, which may not be one of the worst movies of the year but is certainly one of the dullest and dumbest, opened to an impressive $32.5 million weekend, which has already led 20th Century Fox to greenlight a second movie and critics to wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

(It is at this point one remembers that the Twilight movies were pretty frickin’ awful too, and people spent a lot more money on those than they did on this, so I guess we’re … lucky?)

Anyway. That’s the big news for this weekend, which also saw A Walk Among the Tombstones and This Is Where I Leave You making far less of an impression, earning $13.1 million and $11.9 million to place second and third, respectively. So that happened.

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