Up, Up and et cetera

Man_Of_Steel_SupermanTrailerPic29.jpgSurprising no one, Man of Steel won the weekend with a $125 million opening, which is pretty good — if not as spectacular as, say, Iron Man Three‘s $175.3 million domestic debut. But it’s so much bigger and splashier than Superman Returns‘ $53.5 million opening, so I guess we can expect another Snyderrific adventure in two or three years’ time. Swell.

This Is the End had to settle for second place, with a cumulative total of $32.8 million if we include its mid-week opening. Which we should, because why not, it doesn’t hurt anything and these figures are all ultimately irrelevant to the quality of a given film. After all, Now You See Me is in third place with $10.3 million and it’s barely a movie!

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