Up in the Air

We don't ACTUALLY have to fight a dragon over this, right?For the second week in a row, the North American box office is too close to call, with “Kick-Ass” and “How to Train Your Dragon” both projected to gross $20 million by the end of the day. Final figures will be reported tomorrow — and even then, they might not be entirely accurate.

(Like, um, last time, when Reuters gave “Date Night” the winerroneously, as it turned out. I’ll update the relevant blog post accordingly.)

Still, the uncertainty at the box-office is nothing compared to the current state of things in Europe, where air traffic remains grounded for a fourth day. I mean, I can think of worse things to do than spend a few extra days in London (hi, Audrey/Allen/Paula/Chris/Laragh/ Lorne!), but I also know the frustration and exhaustion of running out of clean clothes, getting tired of the exotic surroundings and just wanting to go the hell home.

I’ve been to Cannes, after all …