Unexpected Complications

Walk on, Denzel, walk onWell, this sucks.

Apparently, WordPress decided sometime in the last couple of weeks to eat all comments to the blog, meaning that you can’t leave new ones and I can’t find the old ones. It’s some kind of database hiccup, apparently, which should be easily fixable, but I haven’t found a solution in the support forums I’m not savvy enough to figure it out on my own.

So this is gonna be a one-way street for the next little while, until I figure something out. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, consider this: “American Gangster” outgrossed “Bee Movie” this weekend, by more than seven million dollars.

“Oh,” you say. “That’s interesting, I guess.” Well, yeah, it is.
“American Gangster” is 160 minutes long. “Bee Movie” runs 100 minutes, a full hour shorter. That means one more show per day, per screen, for “Bee Movie” — and maybe even two, if the megaplex opens early and closes late. (I don’t personally relish seeing a movie at 11 am, but some people do it every weekend.)

One more thing: According to Variety, “Bee Movie” opened in 3,298 theaters, while “American Gangster” opened in 3,054. (That’s locations, not screens.) “Bee Movie” is a family film; “American Gangster is rated R, further limiting its potential take.

Therefore, when you consider all of these factors — and then think of the nonstop marketing campaign Paramount/DreamWorks has waged on behalf of “Bee Movie”, with Jerry Seinfeld’s cross-country tour and those frackin’ “TV Juniors” during “Heroes” and “The Office” — “Bee Movie” looks more and more like it got its stripey little ass kicked all up and down the box-office this weekend by a movie for grown-ups.

No wonder Jerry’s a little testy these days.