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Get him another Vicodin; Hugh Laurie's leaking throughI may not be willing to see the new “Sex and the City” movie — and as more and more of my friends see it, that’s a choice I think I can live with — but I am willing to use it as the jumping-off point for this week’s MSN Movies gallery.

The topic? Why, other television shows that might benefit from a big-screen edition. I didn’t use the phrase “better deserve”, but I probably could have.

Come on, you know you’d love to see a “House” movie. Especially the one I’ve laid out …

One thought on “TV Eye”

  1. OK, the House idea is pretty cool, but more seriously…
    Dr. Who – yes! with Dylan Moran – yes! with Alan Rickman – a most emphatic yes! And since Captain Jack is at a loose end right now, make it a Torchwood crossover as well. I was very worried when David Tennant left Dr. Who, but Matt Smith won me over by about “You’re Scottish, fry something!”. I think a big screen movie would actually work for this series as a final wrap-up to the Doctor’s character when he runs out of regenerations. Go out with a bang!

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