Trouble Man

Well, the big studio pictures may have opened Wednesday, but the indie distributors still respect the basic Friday release. Here’s what we’re getting:

Anatomy of Violence: Deepa Mehta explores the social and political context of the 2012 gang rape and murder of a young woman in Delhi. Susan liked it a lot more than I did — it’s interesting, in an actor’s-workshop sort of way, but nowhere near as powerful as Mehta clearly intends it to be.

Celtic Soul: Michael McNamara follows Jay Baruchel and Eion O’Callaghan to Ireland and Scotland to watch football, talk to people and investigate Baruchel’s ancestry. Slight, but awfully charming.

Manchester By the Sea: Kenneth Lonergan’s first film in a decade (yup, Margaret was shot in 2006) casts Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler as brothers dealing with fatherhood and mortality. I will say no more, though Susan does.

Quebec: My Country, Mon Pays: If you missed John Walker’s very personal documentary — about Quebec’s struggle to define itself in the modern age — now is the perfect time to catch up to it.

Wait Till Helen Comes: This supernatural thriller — starring Maria Bello and Sophie Nelisse — opens in Toronto less than two weeks after premiering on Lifetime in the US. Which may explain why eOne didn’t bother with press screenings.

Enjoy the weekend. I’m stuffed, myself.

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