I like to think she's still pining for Jim HalpertMy latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, taking another look at “Doubt” and finding that John Patrick Shanley’s stagey adaptation of his play works better at home than it did on the big screen. For me, at least.

And I think I’m now finally ready to forgive Amy Adams for “Sunshine Cleaning“. Which wasn’t really her fault, anyway.

Ah, it’s almost spring. Season of healing, and all that. Let’s move forward together, shall we?

One thought on “Transpositions”

  1. Sometimes you find the perfect quote a bit too late…
    In “The Ego Boom: Why the World Really Does Revolve Around You”, Steve Maich and Lianne George quote a definition of narcissism by John Fowles…”When one grows too old to believe in one’s uniqueness, one falls in love with one’s complexity.” They blame Mr. Rogers, by the way.

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