Towards a Brighter, Yellower Future

I know why the caged Homer singsJust as I’d feared, Adam Sandler’s gay-panic movie made a lot of money over the weekend … though not as much as it might have, thanks to competition from “Hairspray” and the still-strong “Harry Potter” movie.

It’s depressing. People should know better. But I guess it’s true that Sandler’s fans don’t read reviews, even if they’re weirdly supportive … and after last summer’s abysmal “Click”, it also seems true that they’ll show up to watch him in anything.

Anyway, let’s put this unpleasantness behind us (quiet, you), and turn our attention to something far more important: “The Simpsons Movie” opens on Friday!

Now, I haven’t seen it yet, but I must be honest: Sweet Jeebus, am I excited. I didn’t think I would be; I was all skeptical and non-committal and stuff when I saw the trailers, and while the marketing push has been clever, it didn’t knock my socks off or anything.

But here it is: I will be seeing “The Simpsons Movie” very soon. And I find I am rooting for it to recapture what made the show not just a respected entertainment, but an essential cultural touchstone, thanks to stories like this.

Read it. Remember the greatness. And wonder what it is they’ve been saving up for the movie.