Topical Depression

Back in the shell gameTrying to come up with something to blog about today, but the weather — along with the movie I saw this afternoon — has ground me down to a fine paste.

This is cool, though; I even hadn’t realized the Gamera franchise was coming back. Apparently the producers are taking the character back to kid-friendliness, which is a little disappointing after the intensity of the previous Gamera pictures. (Have you seen “Revenge of Iris”? Seriously, it takes some huge balls to crucify a giant turtle.)

And speaking of giant monsters, that DVD of “The Host” I mentioned yesterday is indeed legit — the official Korean disc was released this week, and is starting to turn up in Toronto’s Chinatown. There might be pirated versions around, though, so make sure to patronize a trusted retailer.

One thought on “Topical Depression”

  1. Where does one find Korean dvds in Chinatown? The only Korean films I’ve found there are the ones out on Hong Kong labels.

    I believe Magnolia plans to release The Host in the spring. Does anybody have Canadian distribution?

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