Tonight Is What it Means to Be Young

Lane Streets FireLook, if you don’t know from Streets of Fire, I can’t tell you about it.

I’ll just say that Walter Hill never made another movie like it — no one did, really — and that its vision of a post-nuclear 1950s America where stunningly beautiful people live out the iconography of doo-wop songs is the sort of thing we will never see again, unless Dan Harmon decides to do a very special episode of Community.

In which case I’m thinking Alison Brie gets the role of a lifetime.

But that’s just a fantasy; Streets of Fire — nearly thirty years old, and just as batshit insane as it was when it was first released — is entirely real. I’m positively giddy that I get to screen it in front of what I really hope will be an appreciative crowd tonight at Harbourfront, as the latest of my Free Flicks picks.

Show starts at nine. Join us! It’ll be just that much harder to begin the revels and start the fires without you.

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