Today Is a Busy, Busy Day

Can't talk, workingYou know, it’s almost a blessing when studios don’t screen movies for us at TIFF time; I really can’t imagine squeezing one more title onto my to-do list. “The Final Destination” and “Halloween II” will have to be left for others to tackle over the weekend … me, I’m looking towards next month.

Oh, and I haven’t seen “Black”, “Enlighten Up”, “Taking Woodstock” or “You Might As Well Live”, either. Yeah, I know, I suck.

I did see “Lorna’s Silence“, and liked it plenty, so if you need something to watch this weekend, get down to the Royal and enjoy. Or go see “The Hurt Locker” — that’s still around, right?

One thought on “Today Is a Busy, Busy Day”

  1. The Hurt Locker is indeed still playing at the Varsity. It seems to be a local hit, which is great since it’s such a fine, original movie.

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