This week’s release slate is dominated by Spider-Man: Homecoming, and rightly so: It’s a delight. Really, if you enjoyed seeing Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker in Civil War last year … oooooh, you’re gonna love where he goes in this one.

But there are other movies opening, some of which even deserve your attention!

Blood Hunters: Tricia Lee’s new horror venture opens well and has a fairly intriguing premise, but the story just can’t sustain itself for an hour and a half.

From the Land of the Moon: Marion Cotillard plays a troubled young woman in Nicole Garcia’s European melodrama. Jose appreciates Cotillard’s performance a lot more than he appreciates Garcia’s storytelling.

Integral Man: Glenn is disappointed by Joseph Clement’s documentary about mathematician-turned-philanthropist Jim Stewart, which offers a fairly superficial look at the Toronto arts patron and his remarkable home.

The Journey: Nick Hamm’s slice of British political history lets Colm Meaney and Timothy Spall have a grand time as the men whose impromptu road trip brought peace to Northern Ireland. And really, that’s all we need.

13 Minutes: Oliver Hirschbiegel’s drama about Georg Elser, a Munich hipster who tried to kill Hitler before trying to kill Hitler was cool, is a decent but undistinguished thriller from a man who’s made much better movies.

Tickling Giants: Bassem Youssef is not an especially gifted satirist, but he was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to become a cause celebre in Egyptian popular culture — and that gives Sarah Taksler’s ramshackle documentary an invaluable perspective, whatever else its flaws.

There, I think that’s everything. Certainly feels like everything.

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  1. But does Peter Parker (or Spidey for that matter) take a break to do a kick-ass gender-fluid lyp sync number? Enquiring minds want to know!

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