Thoughts on Seeing the “John Rambo” Teaser

I remind me of a young Milo Ventimiglia… viewable here.

1. Burma? I thought he was going after The Evil Terrorists in this one.

2. Hey, that’s Julie Benz from “Angel”! Bet she never thought she’d end up here …

3. Watching Ken Howard pray makes me vaguely uncomfortable, as though I’ve stumbled upon a grandparent in the bathroom.


5. Wow, this is incredibly violent. Like, just spectacularly bloody.

6. Stallone directed it. He’s always let someone else direct his action movies. Does this mean no one else wanted it, or that his success with “Rocky Balboa” has spurred him to greater challenges?

7. Did I just refer to “Rambo IV” as a challenge?

8. “Attacking Soon”. Yup, feeling vaguely uncomfortable again.

145 thoughts on “Thoughts on Seeing the “John Rambo” Teaser”

  1. I can say with confidence that this is the one we’ve all been waiting for.
    Hunting fish with a bow and arrow is very difficult.

  2. I have a weird feeling that Stallone is thinking “This is my ‘Unforgiven'” in his little Italian Stallion heart of hearts. Has anyone spoken to Bobcat Goldthwait about it?

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